Scott's 'Going for the Green' Lawn Fertilizer Program

$149.99 $195.00

Scott's 'Going for the Green' Fertilizer Program includes all the products you'll need to maintain a healthy lawn from spring to fall!

Early Spring Lawn Fertilizer 27-0-2

Makes your lawn green up rapidly.

Apply: April-May

Reg: $34.99

Late Spring Lawn Fertilizer 32-0-4

Favors a continued growth all summer

Apply: May-June

Reg: $34.99

Summer Lawn Fertilizer 34-0-0

Helps lawns deal with Summer stress.

Apply: July-Aug

Reg: $34.99

Fall Lawn Fertilizer 32-0-10

Prepares lawns for winter stress

Reg: $34.99

+ Scotts Weed B Gon Use as needed for broadleaf weeds

+ Scotts Overseeding Mix Use as needed for Overseeding

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*Details in-store